Out of the Northwest Passage: Canada to Greenland


On this expedition aboard the Ocean Endeavour, you’ll sail through the famed Northwest Passage north of the Arctic Circle, from Canada to Greenland. Learn about explorers of the past, visit historical sites on daily Zodiac excursions, learn about the area from onboard experts, rub shoulders with the local Inuit peoples as you learn their stories, hike the tundra in Canada and Greenland, visit UNESCO World Heritage site Ilulisaat where you’ll sail among huge icebergs, look out for polar bears, beluga whales and abundant birdlife, explore Lancaster Sound and take the opportunity for hiking, walking and photography excursions on land. With this epic adventure, you’ll learn, explore and travel further north than you ever have.




START : Yellowknife

END : Toronto

COUNTRIES VISITED : Canada,Greenland

Validity : 12 SEP 2024 To 28 SEP 2024

Day :1

Location : Yellowknife to Kugluktuk (Copper Mine), Canada

Welcome to Canada! Your adventure starts with an included charter flight from Yellowknife. You’ll then transfer to the Ocean Endeavour by Zodiac when you arrive in Kugluktuk – the westernmost community in Nunavut, located at the mouth of the Coppermine River. Known for many years as Coppermine, the community reverted to its original Inuinnaqtun name in 1996, which means ‘place of moving waters’. Then, your adventure on the sea begins!

Day :2-4

Location : Kitikmeot region

Today, you’ll sail the Northwest Passage. The Ocean Endeavour will navigate the ice-strewn waters of this infamous waterway as you search for wildlife up above and down below. This is Nunavut’s least-populated region, so the wildlife here is abundant both in the sea and on land. On your daily excursion, you’ll hear about Roald Amundsen from the locals – a Norwegian explorer who overwintered in the bay for two years while searching for this passage. Amundsen became the first European to cross the Northwest Passage, thanks to the knowledge of Inuit peoples.

Day :5

Location : Prince Regent Inlet

Today you’ll search the Prince Regent Inlet area for marine life and birdlife – look out for thick-billed murres, ivory gulls, beluga, narwhal and bowhead whales, who reside in these ice-strewn waters. Delve deeper into exploring the Northwest Passage and learn about the Hudson’s Bay Company on expedition landing sites.

Day :6

Location : Beechey Island

This morning, you’ll visit a historical Franklin expedition site and pay your respects at the haunting memorial of Sir John Franklin’s failed expedition. Learn the compelling history of the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror’s attempts to sail through the Northwest Passage – Franklin’s crew overwintered at Beechey Island, where three of his men died. Thomas Morgan of the HMS Investigator was buried here in 1854 alongside Franklin’s men. You’ll visit their graves and the ruins of nearby Northumberland House while learning more about their history.

Day :7-8

Location : Tallurutiup Imanga (Lancaster Sound)

You’ll spend the next two days exploring Tallurutiup Imanga , or Lancaster Sound – one of Canada's newest National Marine Conservation Areas. Cruise by ship and Zodiac in search of narwhals, belugas and bowhead whales that feed in this area. Visit Devon Island’s unique flat-topped mountains, glacial valleys and huge ice caps. The northern edge of Tallurutiup Imanga is the largest uninhabited island on Earth at over 50,000 square km. Here, you’ll hike the tundra, cruise a glacier face and look out for polar bears. Visit archaeological sites with expert guides who can teach you about the human history of Inuit culture and their ancestors who once lived on this now-abandoned island. Then, learn about the more recent history when you visit the remains of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Hudson's Bay Company site at Dundas Harbour.

Day :9

Location : Ausuittuq (Grise Fiord), NU

Sail into Ausuittuq, 1,150 km above the Arctic Circle, where you’ll have a chance to meet community members and learn about their way of life through their stories. This hamlet’s name means ‘place that never thaws’ – here, you’ll learn about the origin of Canada’s northernmost community. During the Cold War in 1953, Inuit from Inukjuak, Québec and Mittimatalik were relocated under false pretences by the Canadian government to assert Canadian sovereignty.

Day :10-11

Location : Smith Sound

Over the next two days, you’ll most likely break your personal record of latitude in Smith Sound – an ancient Inuit travel route that divides Ellesmere Island from Greenland. Learn the stories of Adolphus Greely, Sir George Nares, Elisha Kent Kane and other explorers and adventurers searching for the North Pole, who travelled these waters with varying success.

Day :12

Location : At Sea

Today, you’ll spend at sea, learning from the onboard experts and scholars. Enrich your understanding of the Arctic as you sail towards Greenland. Enjoy workshops and presentations, watch a documentary and get out on deck with your binoculars to look for whales, seabirds and marine wildlife.

Day :13-14

Location : Northwest Greenland

Over the next couple of days, you’ll have the opportunity to hike the tundra. During an expedition landing on Greenland’s stunning northwest coast, you can choose from one of the incredible activities on offer – from hiking and walking to photography, there’s plenty to keep you occupied. Admire the glaciers and icebergs as you seek opportunities to hike, Zodiac cruise, explore and view wildlife with your expedition team.

Day :15

Location : Ilulissat

Today you’ll visit the town of Ilulissat (which literally translates to ‘iceberg’) and explore the museums, cafés, craft shops and busy fishing harbour. View the icebergs from shore on a hike along the boardwalk at this UNESCO World Heritage Site, then board a Zodiac to cruise your way among them! Ilulissat sits at the mouth of the Sermeq Kujalleq glacier – a source of many of the icebergs in the North Atlantic – so this is the perfect spot for total iceberg exploration.

Day :16

Location : Sisimiut

Today, you’ll explore colourful Sisimiut – Greenland’s second-largest city. Access the extensive museum through a towering whalebone archway and stop at the artisan’s cooperative to purchase outstanding handicrafts and souvenirs. Traditional qajaq (kayaking) is in resurgence here, so there are plenty of fun outdoor activities for the adventurous today!

Day :17

Location : Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Toronto, Canada

Complete your journey up Kangerlussuaq Fjord (Sondre Stromfjord) – a 190 km long fjord surrounded by mountains and glaciers – and cross the Arctic Circle one last time on your way home. Transfer by Zodiac to the shore, then travel to the airport by bus for your charter flight to Toronto, back in Canada. Here, your adventure will come to an end.

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Out of the Northwest Passage: Canada to Greenland

  • Take an epic journey aboard the Ocean Endeavour, where experts will guide your adventures with in-depth workshops and presentations that enrich your understanding of this complex corner of the world.
  • Sail the Northwest Passage as you hear stories about past explorers and their expeditions here. Look for abundant marine wildlife and birdlife, like ivory gulls, narwhals and bowhead whales.
  • Explore Lancaster Sound (Tallurutiup Imanga), one of Canada’s newest National Marine Conservation Areas and cruise by ship and Zodiac in search of beluga whales, polar bears and glacial valleys before hiking the tundra of the largest uninhabited island on Earth.
  • Learn about Inuit culture and history as you rub shoulders with the locals on Zodiac excursions. Sail into Grise Fjiord (Ausuittug) or ‘the place that never thaws’ and learn about the origin of Canada’s northernmost community.
  • Hike the tundra of Greenland and take part in whatever adventure takes your fancy – whether it’s hiking, walking or photography in this surreal landscape. Then, explore the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Ilulissat – which literally translates to ‘iceberg’.
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    Prices start from £13,625

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