Newfoundland & Wild Labrador: A Torngat Mountains Adventure


Take an arctic and coastal expedition aboard the Ocean Endeavour ship with this 15-day adventure through Newfoundland and Labrador. Visit Gros More and Torngat Mountains National Parks, uncover remote communities rich with history, learn firsthand from Inuit guides local to the area, hike through fascinating landscapes and learn about the geology from onboard experts. Spot countless marine wildlife like seabirds, walruses, whales, seals, falcons, eagles and polar bears and maybe even spot some black bears and caribou, too! If you’re a nature-lover who loves an adventure off the beaten track – this is for you.




START : St. John's NL

END : Ottawa


Validity : 08 JUL 2024 To 22 JUL 2024

Day :1

Location : St Johns, Canada to Saint-Pierre, France

Bienvenue! Welcome to France. Just off the shores of Newfoundland lie the islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon—an official territory of the French Republic. A charter flight is included early this morning from St Johns, Canada. When you arrive, you can admire the colourful shops and the town’s historical character before you board the Ocean Endeavour tonight.

Day :2-3

Location : South Coast Newfounland

Over the next two days, you’ll journey through the beautiful windswept coast of southern Newfoundland, dotted with bays, coves and a few remote outport communities. Admire outstanding geology and botanical life, explore scenic coastlines and spot abundant birds, whales and other wildlife as your group makes the most of every opportunity with Zodiac cruises and land excursions.

Day :4

Location : Gros Morne National Park & Woody Point

Today, you’ll hike through the incredible Gros Morne National Park. Soak in the extraordinary views of beautiful Bonne Bay and explore the park’s interpretation centre. You’ll also explore the town of Woody Point. Witness the spectacular Tablelands – a 600 m plateau that forms one of the world’s best examples of exposed mantle. Normally found below the Earth’s crust, the mineral-rich rocks support very little life, making the Tablelands an eerie landscape.

Day :5

Location : Battle Harbour

Today, you’ll experience the rugged beauty and fascinating history of Battle Harbour – Newfoundland and Labrador's hidden gem. This restored 19th-century fishing village is on a small island in the Labrador Sea, once the saltfish capital of the world. Step back to the 1800s and immerse yourself in the village's rich history as you explore the National Historic District, which has been restored to its original state.

Day :6

Location : Labrador Coast

Wander the southern Labrador coast today, where you’ll find coastal barrens, high subarctic tundra, high boreal forest, mid-boreal forest, string bog and diverse islands. Your onboard team will look for opportunities for exciting Zodiac cruises or hikes whenever possible during expedition landings.

Day :7

Location : Nain

Today you’ll visit thriving Nain – the most northerly community in Labrador and the administrative capital of Nunatsiavut. Stop in at the historic Moravian church and learn about its history, listen to the brass band and visit Illusuak – the new cultural centre by the waterfront. The cultural centre showcases the history, language and culture of the Inuit of Labrador and is a place where the community gathers. Get to know the locals and see the abundant arts and handicrafts throughout Nain, where many of your expedition team members call home. Explore the community through walking tours and scenic hikes and take the opportunity to create long-lasting cultural connections.

Day :8

Location : Hebron

Step back to the historical site of Hebron today, which preserves a Moravian Mission station dating back to the 1830s. Visit the old church, where Inuit who resided in 1959 learned they would be forced to relocate. A plaque here commemorates this history and the apology to people affected by the relocations issued by the government of Newfoundland and Labrador in 2005. Listen to the stories your guides share and meet former Hebron residents and their kin, who continue to visit the site to hunt and fish nearby.

Day :9-12

Location : Torngat Mountains National Park

Spend the next four days exploring treeless, mountainous tundra in Torngat Mountains National Park, where some of Canada’s highest peaks east of the Rockies can be found. Hike, visit archaeological sites and hop on daily Zodiac cruising excursions. Inuit of Nunatsiavut will be your guides through their spiritual homeland, as they play a key role as partners in the management of the park. Many see the park as a portal for the understanding of Inuit culture. Torngat is derived from the Inuttut word ‘tongait’, meaning ‘place of spirits’, where Inuit shamans travelled to connect with higher powers. During your adventures, look out for marine mammals, polar bears, black bears, caribou, falcons and eagles.

Day :13-14

Location : Hudson Strait & Frobisher Bay

Over the next two days, you’ll sail through the beautiful bay of Hudson Strait – named for bygone explorer Martin Frobisher. Stay on the lookout for wildlife, such as polar bears, seabirds, walruses, and different species of whales and seals. Your geologists aboard the ship will also teach you about the fascinating geology of the area – don’t be surprised if, after this trip, you have a new affinity for rocks! Take in the sweeping scenery and the wonder of the Arctic.

Day :15

Location : Iqaluit to Ottawa, Canada

Today, you’ll say goodbye to the Ocean Endeavour and head to Iqaluit, where you’ll take a charter flight to Ottawa, Canada. This is where your trip comes to an end. If you need to book accommodation in Ottawa, just speak to your booking agent.

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Newfoundland & Wild Labrador: A Torngat Mountains Adventure

  • Take an adventure aboard the Ocean Endeavour, where you’ll be guided by experts on daily Zodiac excursions, take in-depth workshops and presentations, and enrich your understanding of this complex corner of the world.
  • Hike through the expansive Gros Morne National Park – a UNESCO World Heritage site in Newfoundland – and explore the Tablelands where the mineral-rich rocks are an eerie example of what lies beneath the Earth’s crust.
  • Learn about Inuit history, culture and way of life in Nain and Hebron and take the unique opportunity to explore their communities with local guides who have local insight.
  • Spend four days exploring the mountainous tundra of Torngat Mountains National Park, where some of Canada’s highest peaks can be found. Visit archaeological sites and look out for polar bears, black bears and falcons.
  • Sail through Hudson Strait and look out for marine mammals, whales, seals, polar bears, walruses and seabirds in the Arctic waters.
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    Prices start from £8,480

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