High Arctic Explorer - Canada to Greenland (Ocean Endeavour)


Discover a land so untamed, so remote and so beautiful that most can only dream of it. Venture into the Arctic Circle and traverse the wild coastline of Northern Canada and Greenland on a 13-day expedition. On board the Ocean Endeavour, a team of experts will help you dive deeper into the intriguing geography, history and culture of the region, while expedition landings allow you to experience it firsthand. Visit tiny villages set against colossal backdrops of icebergs and mountains, and admire the Arctic’s diverse wildlife from ship and shore.




START : Ottawa

END : Toronto

COUNTRIES VISITED : Canada,Greenland

Validity : 15 AUG 2024 To 27 AUG 2024

Day :1

Location : Ottawa to Qausuittuq (Resolute), Canada

Your Arctic adventure begins in Ottawa, Canada, from where you’ll hop aboard an included early morning charter flight to Qausuittuq (Resolute), in Canada’s Nunavut region. Here you’ll find the Ocean Endeavour ship, your home for the next 13 days. Board a Zodiac boat which will take you to the Ocean Endeavour – these sturdy inflatable vessels will get you on and off the ship throughout your journey. With a name meaning ‘place with no dawn’, Qausuittuq experiences long, dark winters, but your visit in the peak of summer means day-round sunlight. The unique topography of the landscape is characterized by shoreline gravel flats, rocky coastal bluffs, and deposits of glacial moraine. First established in 1953, the community began under false pretenses, as the Canadian government relocated Inuit families from Inukjuak, Québec and Mittimatalik, in an attempt to assert Canadian sovereignty. Learn about this dark chapter in Canadian history and how the community lives on today. Qausuittuq now serves as an important staging post for High Arctic research, tourism and military activities.

Day :2

Location : Beechey Island

Make a sobering visit to the Franklin Expedition historic site on Beechey Island, a memorial to the failed expedition of British explorer Sir John Franklin in 1845. Attempting to cross the Northwest Passage, the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror vanished – searches for the wrecks were unsuccessful for 170 years, only to be both be discovered in 2014 and 2016. Pay your respects while learning the stories of the men who are buried here as you visit their graves and the nearby ruins of Northumberland House.

Day :3-7

Location : Tallurutiup Imanga (Lancaster Sound) and Devon Island

The next four days will be spent exploring the rugged landscapes of the Tallurutiup Imanga National Marine Conservation Area (Lancaster Sound). The area is home to narwhal, beluga, and bowhead whales who feed in this area – set out in search of them by ship and Zodiac. Stop by Devon Island, the world’s largest uninhabited island. The vast, barren landscape is dotted with glacial valleys, flat-topped mountains and ice caps, and while it may not be a place you’d want to live, it’s certainly a joy to explore. Hike over tundra, cruise a glacier face and keep a lookout for polar bears and other wildlife from ship and shore. Let expert guides show you ancient archaeological sites that unearth the history of the Inuit people and their ancestors who once laid roots on this now abandoned island. Visit the eerie remains of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Hudson's Bay Company site at Dundas Harbour.

Day :8

Location : Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet)

A world away from Ottawa where your adventure began, see a different side of Canada in the beautiful Arctic community of Mittimatalik. With a population of just 1600, this place may be small, but there’s so much Inuit culture and history to uncover here. Dive straight in with a performance by the Tununiq Arsarniit Theatre Group, where they will take you on a journey with their drum dancing, throat singing and storytelling. After the performance, enjoy some time to explore the town and soak in the spectacular views of nearby Bylot Island. There are often gorgeous handcrafted goods for sale if you want to pick up a keepsake to remember your time in this unique corner of the world.

Day :9

Location : At Sea, Davis Strait

Cross the Davis Straight today on your way towards Greenland. This day at sea is the perfect opportunity to add a deeper layer to your discoveries of the Arctic. Enriching workshops and presentations delivered by experts on board the Ocean Endeavour paint an in-depth picture of the region’s fascinating history, geology, wildlife and cultural heritage. There’s even a workshop on how to best use your binoculars, so put your new skills into practice and get out on deck in search of whales, seabirds and other marine life.

Day :10

Location : Western Greenland

An expedition landing on Greenland’s wild and wonderful west coast means the day is yours to enjoy as you wish. You may like to get active with a rewarding hike, or stretch your legs with a more easygoing stroll through the everchanging landscapes. There’s plenty of unbelievable photography opportunities here, or you may prefer just to sit back and take it all in. However you choose to spend the day, the sights of soaring mountains and vibrant tundra flowers are sure to stick with you long after your adventure is over.

Day :11

Location : Ilulissat

After travelling south overnight, disembark the ship and head out to explore the town of Ilulissat and its surrounds – the name Ilulissat directly translates to ‘icebergs’ in Kalaallisut, Greenland’s official language, and you’ll soon find out why! Neatly organised colourful houses make the town postcard-pretty, but it’s the nearby icefjord that really puts this place on the map. A walk along a boardwalk will lead you to this UNESCO World Heritage Site, where towering white ice formations dwarf the buildings of the nearby town. Spend some time soaking up this memorable sight, and perhaps have a wander around Ilulissat’s charming shops and museums, then set out on a Zodiac cruise to admire the icefjord from a different perspective. Weave and bob your way around impressive icebergs – this really has to be experienced to be believed!

Day :12

Location : Sisimiut Coast

Today will be spent exploring western Greenland along the Sisimiut Coast. You’re going to want to have your camera ready for this journey – prepare to pass by glaciers, fjords and islands against a staggering backdrop of mountains. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get off the ship and hike through the inspiring landscape, or set off on a Zodiac cruise for a closer look at these natural wonders. As you traverse the complex waterways, learn the stories of the Saqqaq, Dorset, Thule and modern Inuit people who have called the Sisimiut region home for 4500 years.

Day :13

Location : Kangerlussuaq, Greenland to Toronto, Canada

It’s time to say goodbye to the Arctic after a day cruising down the Kangerlussuaq Fjord for your final dose of epic scenery, crossing the Arctic Circle one last time. The 190-kilometre-long fjord is flanked by snow-dusted mountains and dramatic glaciers, ensuring your last day in the Arctic will be one to remember. Bid farewell to the Ocean Endeavour as you disembark and take a Zodiac transfer for your included charter flight to Toronto, Ontario. Your Arctic adventure comes to an end upon your arrival at Toronto airport – prepare to leave with memories to last a lifetime.

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High Arctic Explorer - Canada to Greenland (Ocean Endeavour)

  • On board the Ocean Endeavour, your adventures will be guided by a team of experts, with in-depth workshops and presentations to enrich your understanding of this complex corner of the world.
  • Prepare for a day to remember in Greenland’s Ilulissat, where colourful rows of houses are dwarfed by an awe-inspiring icefjord of towering icebergs.
  • Experience the culture of Canada’s Inuit people in the stunning Arctic community of Mittimatalik, where you’ll watch a traditional performance including drum dancing, throat singing and storytelling.
  • Spent four incredible days exploring the Tallurutiup Imanga National Marine Conservation Area in search of narwhal, beluga, and bowhead whales.
  • Discover Devon Island, the world’s largest uninhabited island, learn about the landscape’s unique topography and the Inuit people and their ancestors who once lived here.
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    Prices start from £10,320

    Holiday Name : High Arctic Explorer - Canada to Greenland (Ocean Endeavour) 
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