Newfoundland Circumnavigation (Ocean Endeavour)


This is Canada like you’ve never seen it before – cliffs soar into the sky, wind roars through wild landscapes and human history stretches back thousands of years. Set off on a 12-day cruise on the Ocean Endeavour, navigating the island’s varied and vast coastline while accompanied by a passionate team of expert guides. In contrast to the rugged, stark landscapes, get acquainted with charming towns and locals who radiate warmth, and discover the region’s First Nations culture. Whether you’re looking for wildlife, inspiring scenery or deep-rooted history, you’re sure to find it in Newfoundland.




START : St. John’s

END : St. John’s


Validity : 12 JUN 2022 To 12 OCT 2023

Day :1

Location : St John's, Canada

Welcome to St. John’s! Newfoundland and Labrador’s colourful capital stands in contrast to the vast and wild nature of the province. Head to the city’s port where you’ll find the Ocean Endeavour, your home for the next 12 days. Board the ship and set sale in the evening, departing the historic port and cruising out to the Atlantic Ocean via the Narrows, a passage famed for its steep rock walls and difficulty to navigate. Pass by the Battery, an eye-catching neighbourhood where brightly painted houses stagger down the slopes of Signal Hill. Be on the lookout for icebergs, whales and seabirds as you sail out into open waters.

Day :2-4

Location : Northeast Coast

The next three days will be spent exploring Newfoundland’s northeast coast, where delightful villages and settlements dot the sparse landscape. Your expedition landings will introduce you to these inviting communities nestled among the coastline’s rocky shore, where you’ll receive a warm Newfoundland welcome upon your arrival. Be sure to have your camera batteries charged for this stretch of your journey – the sight of these charming communities set against the rugged landscape is one you’re going to want to remember!

Day :5

Location : L’Anse aux Meadows

Today’s expedition landing will take you to L’Anse aux Meadows, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Found at the northern most tip of Newfoundland, the site was excavated in the 1960s, and a 1000-year-old Norse settlement was unearthed. The only authenticated Norse settlement in North America, exploring this site is a real treat. Learn about the discovery of the settlement, Viking culture and history, and the ancient remains that can be found here today. A visit to the site’s interpretation centre will add a deeper layer to your discoveries, as actors in period costumes and reconstructed Norse-style sod buildings help to imagine what life here once looked like.

Day :6

Location : Red Bay

Another day, another fascinating World Heritage Site. Today you’ll be stopping off in Labrador at the Red Bay Basque Whaling Station, dedicated to the history of the men and boys who ventured here from northern Spain and southern France between the 1540s to the early 1600s to hunt whales. Learn how North America’s first export industry developed out of this harbour and hear the stories of the Basque whalers who worked here. Take a wander through the interpretation centre and examine the tools, navigational instruments and personal items recovered from the shipwreck of the San Juan whaling ship – the ship sunk in 1565, but the wreck was not discovered until centuries later. Continue your explorations of Labrador’s whaling history with a visit to the nearby Saddle Island.

Day :7

Location : Gros Morne National Park & Woody Point

Get off the ship and explore on foot during a visit to Gros Morne National Park. Here you’ll have the chance to take a scenic walk or a longer hike through the dramatic and awe-inspiring landscapes of the park. Pause for a peaceful visit to Bonne Bay, take a stroll around the tiny town of Woody Point and stop by the interpretation centre for extra information on the stunning sights you’ve seen today. The 600-metre-long Tablelands plateau really needs to be seen to be believed and provides one of the best examples of exposed mantle in the world. You’ll notice a distinct lack of plants and wildlife in the Tablelands – the rocks here are rich in minerals yet support little life, resulting in the barren yet beautiful landscape.

Day :8-9

Location : Southern Coast

Spend two unforgettable days traversing the wind-worn and striking coast of southern Newfoundland, stopping off to explore the bays, coves and remote outport communities hidden away in this vast landscape. From your ship and from the shore, take in the interesting topography of the region, brought to life by vibrant plants and flowers. The fauna here is every bit as magnificent as the flora – be on the look out for whales, birds and other wildlife, often discovered during Zodiac cruises and excursions onto land.

Day :10

Location : Miawpukek (Conne River)

Pay a visit to the Miawpukek Mi'kamawey Mawi'omi First Nation Reserve, found at the mouth of the Conne River. Here you’ll receive a formal welcome from the leaders of the community before learning more about their history and culture. The Mi'kmaw were once nomadic, travelling through Canada’s east coast. This site served as a semi-permanent base for camping before becoming a permanent settlement around 1822. Take the opportunity to explore the community and see examples of how tradition is weaved into modern life.

Day :11

Location : Saint-Pierre, France

Say bonjour to the islands of St-Pierre and Miquelon, an official territory of France. Disembark in the town of St-Pierre – you’ll feel like you’ve stepped straight into Europe (technically, you have!) as you explore streets buzzing with patisseries and baguette-carrying locals. A world away from the typical scenery of Newfoundland, delight in discovering the inviting shops, cafes and homes that boast a proudly French flair.

Day :12

Location : St John's, Canada ,

It’s time to return to where it all began, coming full circle by cruising back through the impressive Narrows on your way into St. John’s harbour. Say goodbye to your newfound friends, as your adventure comes to an end on your arrival to St. John’s.

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Newfoundland Circumnavigation (Ocean Endeavour)

  • On board the comfortable Ocean Endeavour ship, navigate the wild and beautiful coastline of Canada’s Newfoundland accompanied by an expert team of guides who will bring the landscape to life.
  • Take a deep dive into the region’s history during a visit to the 1000-year-old Norse settlement of L’Anse aux Meadows and the historic Red Bay Basque Whaling Station – both UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • When you’re not cruising Canada’s waters, hop off the ship and explore the spectacular Gros Morne National Park on foot, taking in unique topography and formations as you go.
  • Experience Newfoundland’s First Nations culture and history at the Miawpukek Mi'kamawey Mawi'omi First Nation Reserve, where you’ll discover how tradition and modern life go hand in hand.
  • A world away from the remote communities of Newfoundland, visit the islands of St-Pierre and Miquelon – this official territory of France delights with its European-style streets lined with charming shops, cafes and houses.
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